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You can contact us by emailing us at or alternatively by leaving a voice message on +44(0)7050-618-297 or sending a fax to +44(0)7050-618-298

Registration / Orders

You can use PerlWiz unlicensed for 30 days in order to determine whether you wish to continue using the product.  If you do, we would recommend purchasing a copy of PerlWiz from the authors for the following reasons:-

When you register PerlWiz, you will receive a keycode. This registers a single user to use the software at any one time.  If you believe multiple users may wish to use the software simultaneously, please purchase multiple licenses. For more details of the legal agreement that you undertake by using the product, click here.


To register PerlWiz, visit the orders page on the PerlWiz web site at

On this page, you will find details of the current cost of registration, together with information about the latest version of PerlWiz.  You can order using a debit or credit card and receive an instant confirmation via email giving you the unlock code that fully registers you product.

For details on how to fully unlock your product, see the instruction page within the PerlWiz on-line help.

Support, Bug Reports, and the Mailing List 

If you own a fully registered copy of PerlWiz, then you are eligible for the following benefits:-

If you own an unregistered copy of PerlWiz, you are eligible for the following support:-

These are the contact email addresses to send your enquiries to:-

When you send a support request, try to include:-

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Alternatively, you can leave a voice message on +44(0)7050-618-297 or fax on +44(0)7050-618-298

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