PerlWiz is an Integrated Development Environment that works with the popular ActivePerl implementation of the Perl programming language as well as support for the PHP language.

In PerlWiz you have at your fingertips many time-saving tools to aid in your learning and development of Perl programs – from the simplest Hello World console program to fully-fledged web applications.

PerlWiz combines the ease of a fully-customizable syntax-coloured text editor with access to a number of extra tools to ease the task of application development:-

  • Trust-based Shareware – no features restricted – 30-day trial period does not cut you out
  • Auto-setup feature finds and links to any existing installation of ActivePerl, PHP and MySQL
  • Easy-to-use IDE with menus, toolbar, status bar etc.
  • Temporary file function – you don’t even need to name a file to try things out!
  • Edit Perl, HTML, SQL, PHP, Dos Batch or other Text-based files
  • Many editor functions: Clipboard tools, Multi-level grouped undo/redo, Indent/Unindent, Find bracket, Convert case, Search & Replace, Go to Line, Persistent bookmarks, Insert a file, Print, MRU file lists etc.
  • Multiple files can be used simultaneously
  • Debug with syntax checker, breakpoints, stepping, program reset, and variable inspection
  • Project Organizer for hiding/showing, organizing, or changing attributes of files within your project quickly and easily.
  • Extensive Logging facilities to aid debugging and extract system and project related information to a log file.
  • Links to MySQL to execute SQL scripts and auto-start server when required
  • Execute the Perl program as either text or integrated Browser output
  • Simulate data entry into forms and pre-define environment variables
  • Execute web pages and CGI programs locally, on your web server, or using the PerlWiz integrated web server.
  • Upload programs to your web site or other FTP-equipped server
  • Quickly add a snippet of code from the 100+ provided samples, or add your own
  • Support for command-line testing, including direct keyboard input via PerlWiz, paste text as keyboard input, and parameter passing
  • On-line help on how to use PerlWiz, as well as tutorials on getting started, web forms, debugging, keyboard input, and using MySQL with Perl and the Web
  • Special tools to help with Perl and HTML programming – e.g. comment/uncomment a block of code, URL encode/decode, Turn section into two types of Print statements, HTML Colour picker etc.
  • Execute Dos Batch files interactively – turn Text and Html into Dos Batch commands and view execution results as text or browser output
  • Autodownload facility to keep you up-to-date with the latest version of PerlWiz.
  • Module installer to download new and updated Perl modules quickly and easily (currently works on v5.6.* and 5.8.3 of ActivePerl)
  • Export syntax-highlighted source code to HTML/RTF or convert text to a HTML <pre> block
  • Optional Project-based tools – e.g. save files and settings within a single compressed project file for easy transportation
  • Default project can auto-load on startup so you can carry on where you left off straight away
  • Up to ten rolling easily restored back-ups per file – even a simple version management system!