Useful PERL related websites

Listed below are a number of useful Perl-related web sites for your information:-
ActiveState ActivePerl (Windows Port of Perl Tools)
MySQL AB (Makers of Open Source Database Server)
PHP home page – great source of all things PHP. Also good links page.
NCSA Perl Tutorial FAQ
Perl Core Documentation
HTML Goodies Perl Primers – A Good intro to CGI/Perl
CPAN Script / Library Archive (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)
The Perl Foundation
use Perl; (Discussion Forum & News)
ScriptSearch – Lots of Perl related articles and links
Softpanorama article on Larry Wall (see also his own web site)
Matt’s Free Perl CGI Scripts (
Books: O’Reilly (Learning Perl is a good starting point)
Perl CGI MetaFAQ (Web Programming Links)
Perl &Apache Web Server – mod_perl
WebMonkey article – MySQL / mod_perl / Perl – Massive archive of Shareware and Freeware
PADGEN – Freeware app description database from the ASP – Author’s personal web site.